Hi! This website is currently in beta form, so there are some bugs and glitches still. If you find anything wrong, please send me a message.

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Why can't I edit or delete my levels? Levels all have a unique identifier that will change even if you alter the tiniest detail of a level. Replays are linked to the levels using this unique identifier, so if you edit a level all of the replays for that level will become unlinked! For this reason levels cannot be edited or removed from database. If you want to update your level, you can mark your old level as "deprecated" and redirect players to the most recent version of the level. How do I mark a level as "deprecated?" When you're logged in and viewing a level that you uploaded you will see the options to deprecate the level right below the level details (and right above the replay list.) To mark a level as deprecated simply check the box and select a new level from the drop down menu, and then push Submit. Your level will now throw a "WARNING" at any users, informing them that there is a new version of the level to check out. How do I submit a replay? Simply export your replay from Offspring Fling as a ".momma" file and upload it to the site here. I didn't enter a valid email address, and I forgot my password. Am I screwed? Yeah, unfortuantely. Without a valid email address, I can't give you access to reset your password. Sorry! How do I use Offspring Editor? Keep watching this page for tutorials and guides on how to use the editor. If there aren't any tutorials or guides yet, then I encourage you to just dive and and start screwing around! Why didn't my level image come out right? Sometimes when you upload a very very large image the server has to skip some steps in rendering the preview of it because it's too big for it to handle. Your level is still perfectly fine, but the preview might not be totally accurate (which isn't a big deal, really.) I have another question, how can I get in touch with you? You can get in touch with me, Kyle Pulver, by sending an email to hello@offspringfling.com. I'm just one guy running this entire operation, so please be patient if you have an issue that needs to be resolved.

News & Updates

May 11th, 2012 Whoa! The website is online! Have fun uploading stuff and probably breaking it! This is still a work in progress, so please forgive me if anything goes wrong. If you have a specific issue that needs to be resolved, email me and I'll try to get it fixed for you! (No promises.)